Visitor monitoring and studies

With a vast experience in managing and facilitating tourism observatories / benchmarks and in piloting quantitative and qualitative studies on audiences and users, we can conduct studies on audience evaluation, observation and development in accordance with the client’s objectives and resources.

Acute attention is paid to issues surrounding audiences and clients, whether we are working for regions or for specific facilities.



  • Monitoring and benchmarks

    IE TCH can lay claim to many years of experience in tourism industry monitoring and benchmarking. In addition to our own benchmarks (French hotel industry, urban residences / apart-hotels, thalassotherapy institutes), we assist public and private sector actors with designing and managing tools to track local demand: monthly occupancy rates for tourist lodging (hotels, apart-hotels, campsites, etc.), benchmarks of competitors’ commercial performance, etc.

  • Development of audiences and clients

    We assist tourist, cultural and heritage sites to increase visitor numbers by defining concerted marketing strategies and public policies and by increasing local synergies through networks.

  • Audience studies

    We have been monitoring visitor numbers at museums, national monuments and heritage sites for over 15 years.

    We conduct both quantitative and qualitative studies, sufficiently detailed to allow readers to fully understand the expectations and requirements of users, both of which guide future development policies.

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