Study on visitors to Clermont-Ferrand’s museums

Analysis and performative evaluation of museum visitors 




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Museums / Art / History / Science and techniques


City of Clermont-Ferrand

Assignment context and objectives

The town of Clermont-Ferrand is currently working on a significant cultural development strategy, with notably a view to becoming the European Capital of Culture. The organisation of the Etats Généraux de la Culture, the pioneering signature of a cultural pact with the state, etc. are signs both of a structured process to define a new cultural policy and the town’s strong commitment to developing cultural activities.

Although they attract a fairly significant amount of interest, the town’s three “Musées de France” could certainly increase visitor numbers. Given this, the assignment aimed to:

  • Characterise visitors in order to understand their needs and expectations.
  • Define strategic recommendations to meet the needs of visitors and increase their numbers
In Extenso TCH’s tasks
  • Analysis of the different types of museum visitors.
  • Quantitative survey of museum visitors (around 250 questionnaires per site).
  • Qualitative survey of current and potential visitors, individuals and groups.
  • Analysis of the standing of each museum.
  • Comparative studies and identification of trends.
  • Comparison of results and formulation of recommendations.

In Extenso TCH's audience client monitoring and studies

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