Annual visitors Survey 2005-2016 – Centre of National Monuments

Management of visitor surveys and statistical analysis 




30-80 K€ per year


Historical monuments / National monuments


Centre des Monuments Nationaux

Assignment context and objectives

The Centre of National Monuments (CMN) manages around a hundred historical monuments in France. Since 2005, the economic development department has sought to carry out an annual survey of visitors at five to seven national monuments in order to:

  • Identify types of visitors, their profile, their perception of proposed services and their expectations.
  • Suggest permanent ways for each monument to improve their service offer (welcome, visit, etc.).
In Extenso TCH’s tasks
  • Full management of the survey:
    • Preparation of the questionnaire in five languages.
    • Definition of the survey plan.
    • Survey monitoring.
    • Data treatment.
  • Analysis of the results and qualification of visitors per monument and per period (regression, PLS, AFC, ACP, Score, etc.), comparative analysis.
  • Construction of a database spanning several years (30 monuments, 31 200 questionnaires).
  • Implementation of specific tasks (performance, boutique, etc.), integration of new indicators and recommendations.

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