“For a territory, the challenge is to successfully transform creativity into innovation that generates value. A creative territory is not merely a concentration of creative inhabitants, it’s about being home to places where creative people feel comfortable, and the right conditions exist for them to innovate. (…) A creative territory is an open-minded territory, one which soaks up the influences, techniques and cultures from the whole word.”


Litigations and disputes are liable to emerge at all stages of a hotel’s lifecycle – from purchasing or investing in the land or property to the construction or renovation of a hotel, and the hotel’s operation. Several actors are implicated at each of these stages: investors, entrepreneurs, suppliers, management companies – just to quote a few.


When a buyer is considering whether to invest in the bricks and mortar (real estate) and the goodwill (business), we are often asked whether both components should be lodged within the same structure or whether there is a fiscal advantage in setting up an ad hoc company – distinct from the hotel’s operation – for the ownership of the real estate.


A recent phenomenon, crowdfunding – or participative financing – entails a company funding its projects through the contribution of a large number of people.


In an era where young employees are becoming increasingly demanding about the use of their time, how can they be motivated in a sector traditionally ruled by a culture of hierarchy?


Hospitality sustainable development strategies have long been presented as merely asking guests to reuse their towels during their hotel stay! Restaurants have gradually started indicating dishes made with organic or local produce on their menus. And behind Reception, notices stating the labels obtained or the steps being taken have multiplied, as is the case with Accor hotels and their Planet 21 charter.

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