Market, conceptual, design and feasibility studies

Each year, our teams assist around a hundred public and private sector project managers in compiling market, conceptual design and feasibility studies for their hotel, tourism and cultural projects in France and abroad.

Our expertise and savoir-faire in these branches helps us to base our analyses on in-depth field knowledge and to offer practical advice.


  • Market study

    The market study analyses the economic feasibility of your project on realistic and cogent bases. In close conjunction with you, we use our proven methodology that takes into consideration all the factors that influence your project’s geographic sector: general environment (local economy and industrial zones, transport, cultural and tourism infrastructure, major projects, etc.), site (accessibility, visibility, immediate environment, suitability with regard to the type of project envisaged), competitor supply (volume, quality, characteristics, developments in the pipeline, trading / commercial performance), target clients (volume, type, seasonal trends, etc.).

  • Conceptual design studies

    The conceptual design study is the next necessary step once a project has been validated. We assist project managers in defining the overall concept: cocnept and positioning, functions linked to the offer and peripheral activities, commercial positioning of the site: audiences / clients, targets, price positionning, insertion in the environment, etc.

  • Economic, legal and organisational feasibility studies

    Economic feasability : preparation of operating forecasts (profit and loss statement), financial forecasts (surplus and cash flows) and profitability estimations. The financial assumptions and forecasts are based on the conclusions of the market study previously prepared by our consultants. 

    Legal and organisational feasibility, management approach : definition of the most suitable organisational and legal set-up in accordance with public sector involvement in operations and structure (if applicable), financing modes and requirements (investment and operation), status of personnel and the regime of the assets under operation, etc.


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