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In Extenso Tourism, Culture and Hospitality is the consulting arm of the In Extenso group, one of the leading chartered accountants in France.

Our department employs 20 full-time consultants in Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, Cannes and Caen.

Specialised in the areas of tourism, culture and hospitality, our team provides public and private industry players in France and abroad with strategic consulting services and project roll-out assistance.

Our consultants’ expertise deals specifically with each area (Culture, Tourism, Hospitality). However, we value the interchange between each, so that every project and client can benefit from the sum of our competencies.

> Our values > Our commitments > Our strenghts
  • Rigour and steadfastness: to create lasting projects built on solid foundations
  • Exchange: to form conclusions that can be easily appropriated by our clients and their partners
  • Innovation and constant observation: to blend creativity with a forward-looking vision
  • Intellectual honesty and transparency: because we’re committed to being fair, clear and sincere in our approaches and conclusions
  • Operational support and a method adapted to your needs
  • A made-to-measure approach, in line with your realities, objectives and specific requirements
  • Concern for quality and the creation of added value in all our assignments
  • global and expert vision of the Tourism, Culture and Hospitality sector
  • A network of partners who can be mobilised when specific expertise is required: museography, golf, sustainable development engineering, architecture, urbanism, etc.
  • Constant commitment of each team member to research and development, fuelling and enriching our knowledge

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Because each project is unique, IE TCH puts together customised, multidisciplinary teams comprising regular, specialised partners : architects, landscapers, scenographers, museographers, lawyers, urban planners, economists, engineering and design firms, along with experts in live shows, contemporary art, the Arts, sustainable development, river and maritime tourism, mountain sports, nature activities, lodging, leisure and sports facilities, etc.

Assembling these various skills is a strategic challenge which enables us to propose operational assistance founded on highly specific expertise in very particular areas.

Philippe Dangles
Architecture, scénographie

Sens de visite

Adéquat Ingénierie
Gestion de projets – économie de la construction


Atelier Volga

Grafteaux & Klein Architectes
Urbanisme, paysage, architecture

Solange Azéma

Dexteris consultant
Métiers d’art

Agence Morris & Renaud

Gwendoline Turpin


Aurélie Leonardi

RC Heritage
Architecture et urbanisme

OS Avocat
Droit public

Ingénierie du bâtiment – BET économie, fluides, structures et chantiers

Ingénierie écologique et environnementale

L’Humain volontaire
Muséographie en environnement

Droit des équipements culturels et droits des propriétés intellectuelles

Matthieu Villerette
Conseiller Zootechnique

Transaxio Hôtel
Acquisition, Cession, Transmission

Michael Holmes
Tourisme Golfique

Hubert Vendeville
Développement Durable

Fabien Cimmati
Assistance à Maîtrise d’Ouvrage

In Extenso
With a network of 4 500 staff and associates in 255 branches throughout France, In Extenso offers a comprehensive range of professional services, and emphasises proximity, attentiveness and proactivity.

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