Prospective study of visitors and positioning of the Musée National de la Marine in Paris

A performative study of visitors to assist in defining the repositioning strategy 




32 K€


National museums / Maritime heritage / Art / History / Science and techniques


Musée national de la Marine de Paris


MDTC, on-site surveying

Assignment context and objectives

The Musée National de la Marine is getting ready to undertake a vast renovation programme obliging it to close for three years. This ambitious project seeks to reposition the establishment on several levels in order to increase visitor numbers: Scientific and Cultural project, business and service functions, image, etc. The assignment thus aimed to:

  • Identify what attracts visitors and test the various orientations within different client categories.
  • Provide the museum with client expectation elements and formulate recommendations for the development strategy.
In Extenso TCH’s tasks
  • Panorama and analysis of the Ile-de-France museum context and contemporary cultural and museum practices.
  • Quantitative survey of museum visitors (around 600 questionnaires collected).
  • Qualitative survey: focus groups comprising current and future, individual and group visitors.
  • Comparison of results and formulation of recommendations with regard to repositioning and rolling out the museum.

In Extenso TCH's audience client monitoring and studies

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