Territories and regions

In Extenso TCH is attentive to the diversity of regions and those that live and work in them, both in France and abroad. We provide assistance to territories of all shapes and sizes, whether they be rural, urban, coastal or mountainous régions. 

Our clients :

  • Communal, intercommunal, departmental and regional local authorities
  • Public and para-governmental actors: museums, heritage sites, tourist offices, regional parks, etc.
  • Projet managers and private investors.
  • Bilateral and multilateral organisations for institutional cooperation: AFD, World Bank, European Union, etc.


  • Maghreb

    Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia offer unmistakable tourism appeal. However, both market maturity and development strategy vary greatly between each. Our knowledge of tourism in these countries is a real asset for assisting you with your projects in these destinations.

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  • Africa

    The hostilities of the past decade have profoundly changed the African landscape, both on a socioeconomic and political level. Yet in spite of these difficulties, the continent has continued to grow. As one of the world’s fastest growing economic regions, Africa is inciting an increasing amount of interest.

    The Sub-Saharan boom is today pushing governments to rethink their tourism strategies, which in turn is attracting large numbers of investors, local operators and international groups.

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