Tourism strategy of the Loire-Atlantique department

Assistance in defining the department’s tourism strategy 

DATE : 2015

BUDGET : 66 K€


Nature tourism and leisure / Coastal resorts / Heritage / Lodging


Loire-Atlantique department


  • Somival, agent
  • Stratys, prospective
  • Altimax: communication and branding
Assignment context and objectives

Tourism occupies a strategic position in the local economy (generating almost 26 million overnights) and in the urban organisation of the department’s territories. The Loire-Atlantique notably benefits from the appeal of the Atlantic coastline and the city of Nantes.

Aware of the strategic importance of tourism, the Loire-Atlantique department decided to draw up a new tourism development strategy, focusing notably on improving its renown and marketing efforts, on clarifying supply and on optimising its governance.

In Extenso TCH’s tasks

In Extenso TCH provided assistance at several stages:

  • Assignment piloting and management, undertaken by Dominique Lecea.
  • Audit of tourist lodging facilities – capacity, quality level, geographical location, quantitative and qualitative evolution and non-market facilities (holiday homes).
  • Lodging development strategy: structuring of development priorities and drafting of proposed action plans.

In Extenso TCH's regional strategic planning

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