Expertise regarding the situation and needs of independent hôteliers in the Hérault department

Qualitative audit of independent hotel supply and proposals for actions to be taken in the following Tourism Development Strategy to assist local independent hotels 

DATE : 2012

SECTOR : Hotels


Hérault Tourisme

Isabelle HACQUARD - Responsable Accompagnement de projets – Mission Tourisme

04 67 67 71 71

Assignment context and objectives

In its 2005-2010 Tourism Development Strategy, the Hérault department introduced measures to support the modernisation and certification of independent hotels. Differing levels of service quality, product quality and competitiveness existed within the local hotel sector and the new challenges pose a threat to these hotels. Together, these factors risk having an impact on the local hotel sector, subsequently leading to the closure of some properties.

In Extenso TCH's TASKS 
  • Audit of the independent hotel sector: evolution, geographical location, comparison with other departments in the Languedoc-Roussillon, PACA and Aquitaine regions, supply trends, demand, etc.
  • Representative panorama of the quality of the department’s independent hotels
  • Identification of challenges for the profession
  • Definition of proposals for targeted actions to support the independent hotel sector: financial assistance / support for the renovation of hotels, implementation of a Group of Employers dedicated to the hotel and restaurant sectors, assistance in selling hotels

In Extenso TCH's regional strategic planning

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