The restaurant sector has traditionally been divided into two main categories. Certain establishments do not exactly fit into this framework, but simplifying the model and dividing into two distinct clusters is a handy operational approach for skimming the sector’s news.


Although culture and tourism often go hand in hand – grouped in the same local development networks or in integrated organigrams – the mutual benefits are somewhat hazy for many actors, and are not perceived as proportional to the - often public - financial and human resources available.


In Ile-de-France, the growth in demand observed up until October 2015 came to a brutal end with November’s tragic events. With the exception of apart-hotels located at the heart of the capital, the Ile-de-France market finished the year with just a moderate rise or fall in RevPAR.


Philippe Gauguier et Olivier Petit, In Extenso Tourisme, Culture & Hôtellerie partners, were interviewed by Business Immo during their annual conference which took place in February 2016 in Paris ...

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“The delicate, essential programming task must be entrusted by the contracting authority – and under its responsibility – to a professional in the domain. This is the only way to obtain pertinent studies, focused as much on the quality of processes as on the future project itself”.


A new approach for public tourism policies and investments

The territorial overhaul of our singular “mille-feuille” administration is being instigated with the emergence of “grandes regions”, the announced suppression of departments and the affirmation of inter-communal cooperation.


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