Residential and tourist golf complex project

Impact study measuring economic, social and environmental repercussions for the territory 




Leisure / Golf / Lodging/ Restaurants


Syndicat Mixte Landes Océanes


Deloitte (agent)

Assignment context and objectives

The area of the Landes faces a dual challenge: to organise its territory properly and to respond to the seasonality of tourism activities. Within the framework of its development policy, the “Syndicat Mixte”, associated with the department, and the Marenne Adour-Côte-Sud community of communes envisaged a regional economic development project involving the construction of a golf course, a residential district and leisure facilities on the commune of Tosse. The project aims to strengthen French golfing facilities in preparation of the 2018 Ryder Cup.

Before deciding whether to continue or not, the Syndicat Mixte sought to evaluate the positive and negative impacts of developing such a project in the local environment.

In Extenso TCH’s tasks
  • Drafting of a grid to evaluate the socio-economic and environmental impacts.
  • Study of the various assumptions associated with the complex.
  • Evaluation of different impact scenarios for the territory:
    • Estimation of the impact on the local, departmental and regional economy.
    • Determination of the direct and indirect benefits of the project.

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