Tourism and Hospitality Trends 2019

2018 was a record year for the French hotel industry despite the social unrest  



The world economy over the last decade has been hit by a series of major economic crises and shocks, including the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, the 2010-2012 European sovereign debt crisis and, most recently, the
commodity price corrections observed over the period 2014-2016. However, 2017 saw the return of economic growth almost everywhere in the world – the highest level recorded since 2011. The euro zone symbolised this recovery, posting the highest growth in ten years.



Regional cities consolidate their attractiveness

Hotel capacity in the ten largest regional cities increased by 1.4% over the period
2014-2018, rising from 85,000 to 86,200 rooms. The quality of hotel stock continued
to move slowly upwards, with Upscale and Luxury hotel supply growing by just
over 6%. While Midscale rooms capacity also grew by 5% over the period, entrylevel
supply decreased by 1%, notably in the Super-budget segment.


An encouraging 2018 for the urban  hotelresidence market

2018 ended on a very positive note for urban hotelresidences, both in Ile-de-France and in regional cities. Now stable, the market today must find ways to maintain growth or progress even further.


Breakfast, and a splash of culture?
Creation, heritage and hospitality

In a highly competitive environment, hotels must stand out to make each night a unique and memorable experience for guests.  And to do this, hotels have no choice but to create an emotional response. This is what art and culture enable by inviting the guest to discover a place, surprising them with a history, a story and an atmosphere they will never forget – aspects long understood by the luxury hotel industry.


Thalassotherapy is preserving its health capital

If someone says they’ve booked a thalassotherapy break, does an image of your elderly aunt in her bleached bathrobe waiting in a long white 1960s hospital-style corridor her turn for the mud bath immediately spring to mind? If so, you’re overlooking one of the most buoyant sectors of the wellness industry!


Alternative financing of tourism investments

In a context of rapidly developing worldwide outbound tourism, investment is both essential (for developing and adapting working tools to new tourist flows) and one of the main drivers of tourism economic growth. Private investment in tourist accommodation has recovered over the past few years, and working tools, notably, have evolved.


Hotels as generators of socio-economic
benefits and drivers of regional economic

Hotels are a key contributor to the quality of a region’s tourism offer. Some are tourist destinations in their own right and veritable driving forces that draw regular flows of visitors to an area.


Personal data processing and the hotel industry in France: hotel management agreements will need to be revised

Hoteliers have a duty to use enhanced security measures to protect guests.
This contractual obligation covers all aspects of guests’ private lives, from the protection of their person and property to the protection of their image and personal or confidential data.


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