14 | 09 | 2016

The Euro championships organised in France and the daily hotel performances communicated by our partner, STR, signalled some hope for July.

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Regional France was able to capitalise on the Euro 2016 championship to build on the encouraging results posted at the start of the year, with all categories recording higher RevPAR at the end of the first semester.

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Following a month of April when all regions recorded losses, the contrast in May’s performance from one zone to the next was striking. Unfortunately, Ile-de-France continued to pay the heavy price of the terrorist attacks of early 2015 and in Brussels. All client segments were affected and while recovery should be on the cards, it has yet to make itself known.

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06 | 06 | 2016
In France, hotels grouping over 225 000 rooms, representing almost 40% of total supply, communicate their monthly occupancy and rooms revenue data to us. This benchmark – independent of any market actor and highly respected within the industry – focuses on different areas, including Paris, the Riviera, major agglomerations and main tourist zones. 
Participants include hotel chains (all are represented) and independent establishments: the balance between the two in our samples means we can track market realities as accurately as possible.
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March’s generally positive results led us to believe there was some hope for recovery. Unfortunately,  April’s performances dropped in the majority of categories and throughout most of France. The attacks in Brussels at the end of March reminded international visitors of the ongoing security threat in this part of Europe.

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No doubt we will have to wait to see what the real trend is, but March’s results were generally positive. Regional France, and the Côte d’Azur in particular, showed a good start to the year, with the Luxury segment leading the way.

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